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Gift Basket Ideas for a Bridal Shower


    • Create a gift basket full of small kitchen items. Use a large mixing bowl, colander or even a serving bowl as the basket. Fill the basket with items such as a pizza wheel, a whisk, a set of wooden spoons, cookbooks, dish towels and trivets. You can also include a favorite recipe of yours with the nonperishable ingredients needed to cook it.


    • If the bride and her new husband are moving into a new home, or are planning on doing some renovations, consider a basket of items that will help them along in the process. You can use a toolbox or tool tray as the basket part of this gift. Fill it with home improvement items, such as screwdrivers, a hammer, a tape measure and a wrench. Include a few home design magazines to help them get started and a book on do-it-yourself home improvement. You can also add a gift certificate to a hardware store.


    • Newlyweds often don't receive much in the way of holiday decorations. Choose a holiday, such as Christmas, and create a gift basket. You can use a Christmas basket for this option because they can easily reuse it around the holidays. Fill it with decorations, such as ornaments, garlands and other various decorations. You can also choose other holidays for your gift basket theme, such as Valentine's Day or Thanksgiving.


    • Give the new couple plenty of items to spruce up their bathroom. Use a basket for this one that they can reuse to fill with magazines, towels or other bath items. Purchase a few bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths and add those to the basket. You can also select a toothbrush holder and a soap dispenser. Consider other bathroom items, such as candles, bubble bath, body wash and loofahs.


    • Create a gift basket full of items the couple can use on their honeymoon. This could vary broadly, depending on where they are going. Many couples choose tropical or beach destinations. For that type of honeymoon, choose a beach bag as the basket. Fill it with sunscreen, beach towels and sun hats. If you want, you can include other honeymoon items, such as champagne glasses and lingerie.

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