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Make Money Online Now With Blog SEO

Blogging is becoming a very popular thing in the internet world lately because people are realizing that you can actually make money online now with good blogging techniques.
If you know what you're doing with a blog, then chances are you can monetize it and make a good buck doing it.
The problem for most people is that they write up a decent post, but they don't know where to go from there, and then they think it's just not working.
That's where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in handy.
There are a few decent ways to optimize your blog for the search engines to help you make money online now so that the search engines spider your site and make your posts available when someone does a Google search for a topic within your post.
One way to SEO your blog is to do what you would do with your main website - that is, start with your domain name.
For example, my site and blog are about honest money making, so I created the domain using those keywords to incorporate the terms "honest money making" in my domain name itself.
If you want to attract the "make money online now" crowd, you could use those keywords in your domain.
This is a good trick to getting more recognition in and traffic from the search engines.
You can do the same for your blog domain name.
The next thing to consider when creating a blog is to modify your blog template so that your main keywords, like "make money online now", are included in your title, description, and headers.
When you do a search and arrive at a new site, you will see a blue title bar at the top of the page, as well as a site description and large headings.
In your template, you can change the words in the "title", "description", and "h1" or "h2" tags to be whatever keywords you want to attract traffic with.
These keywords will be the prominent words in your site's listings in the search engines, so use a good keyword research tool, and choose wisely! You may decide to choose 10 or 11 good keywords for your blog, and put the most important ones, like "make money online now" in your domain, title, description, and headers, and then use the other keywords you are targeting within your blog posts.
I like to focus on only one keyword per post and sprinkle it throughout the post.
Overdoing it can backfire on you and appear more like a spam post that you may get penalized for, so use the general rule of no more than one keyword per paragraph, and you should be okay.
Something the search engines really like is when you place links within your blog posts using your chosen keywords and linking back to your main site, or internal pages of your site.
You may even find that the more deep, internal links you have to other pages on your blog or site, the more traffic you will get than if you always point back to just your main site.
If I use the keywords "make money online now" as a link in my blog post, I would be better off to point that link to another blog post I made earlier on making money online, for example.
You may already know that the search engines read your site from top to bottom and left to right.
This means that if you have a left column for your site, it will read from the top of that left column to the bottom of that left column before actually reading your blog post.
This is quite significant to know because this means that the more blog post links you have in that left column pointing to your previous posts, the more easily the search engine spiders will pick up and index those keywords.
Make sure you set up your blog template to include your blog's previous and archived posts on the left.
Don't forget to make regular daily posts, and ping your blog after each post you make.
This will notify the search engines that your blog has new content to spider.
If you follow these SEO blog tips, then you will get new traffic to your blog, and find that you will make money online now!Blog traffic can translate to making money if you do it right!

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