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Your Love Guide - Do You Want to Break Up With Your Past and Have a Love Affair With the Present?

When you feel like your past is weighing you down and blocking your joy right now, you can choose to leave your old baggage behind and start fresh.
Or you can stay stuck in pain over lost love, career setbacks, unresolved issues or unhealed trauma from childhood.
If you want to get unstuck and start fresh, I invite you to take these 3 steps right now: Break Up With Your Past And Begin A Love Affair With Your Present In 3 Steps: Step 1.
Remove Your Veil Of Grief There is no official timetable for grieving past traumas, or lost love, hopes, dreams.
How long will you cloud your view of the beauty around you by looking through a dark veil of grief? You may feel fleeting urges to remove your dark veil and regain clarity in your view of life and love.
What's stopping you?Identify the love block and leave it behind like a heavy, worn out suitcase.
Now you are ready to remove your dark veil.
You can do this metaphorically in your mind, or by conducting an unveiling ceremony in front of dear friends and family who want to help you see and feel the glorious light again.
Step 2.
Burn Up Your Pain First, gather your fuel to make the fire.
Tear notebook pages into long strips.
On each strip, you will: *Write down a painful memory, past trauma, or lingering negative emotion *Jot down names of people who harmed you and name their harmful acts: betrayal, lies, physical or mental cruelty, abandonment, neglect, etc.
You may want to say or shout these things out loud as you write *List things that you regret saying, doing or things that you failed to do Now you're ready to build your fire when you stack these paper strips in a fire-proof container or fireplace.
Then light a match on the paper strips and watch your past negativity and pain burn up in flames.
When the smoke clears, you are ready for the third and final step.
Step 3.
Burn In The Fire Of Love We are born with a resilient optimism that unites us and helps us rise from the ashes and bounce back from any heartbreak.
The secret is to keep that spirit alive, with a little help from supportive friends and positive outlook and actions.
Whenever you need a nudge into the Fire Of Love, you may want to take a look at these song lyrics: Hearts are meant to be broken Tears are meant to be shed Pain and sorrow left unspoken Armors your heart, your heart in lead Hearts are meant to break open Suffer loss, now and again So in sorrow, flow with emotion To reach the banks of joy again Please forgive me my misdeeds Trust that you are good enough Hearts bounce back from break ups Let's burn in the fire of love Let's burn in the fire of love Hearts are meant to soften Admit your fears, find your grace It takes strength to show your weakness Let's burn in the fire of love Let's burn in the fire of love-- Fire Of Love

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