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Pulse Slither Drift Scooter Rating

Updated January 01, 2014.

The Bottom Line

Combine the speed of a scooter with the curves of a skateboard and you get the Pulse Slither, a fun ride-on for kids ages 7 and up. Assembly is challenging, but once that hurdle is cleared, your child will enjoy the Slither's slick action for a long time.

  • Sturdy--big enough to carry an adult
  • Large front wheels for a smoother ride
  • Smaller rear wheel swivels independently for tight turns

  • Ride facing forward, or sideways like a skateboard
  • Cool graphics

  • Difficult to assemble
  • Larger than other popular scooters (but neck folds for storage)

  • Steel frame with three urethane wheels (two front, one rear)
  • Molded traction on the deck to help feet stay in place
  • Knobbed hand grips and adjustable handlebars
  • Ride by pushing with one foot on the ground, or by swiveling handlebars back and forth
  • Recommended for ages 7 and up
  • Total weight limit 175 lb.

Guide Review - Pulse Slither Drift Scooter

Neighbors and classmates will definitely give the Slither Scooter a double-take. It looks like a cross between a more traditional scooter and a skateboard with handlebars. Kids can ride facing forward, pushing off with one foot. Or they can stand with both feet on the deck and pump the handle from side to side to propel forward.

What sets the Slither scooter apart are its large front wheels, paired with a smaller, swiveling wheel in the back. This setup allows the scooter to corner much more tightly than other scooters and to do spins and other tricks.

Plus, the handlebar pumping, hip swiveling, and pushing off with the feet give kids a head-to-toe workout.

My smallish seven-year-old found the scooter a little challenging to steer, but with some practice I think she will feel more comfortable and pick up speed. This scooter is safe to hold up to 175 pounds, so it can grow with a child for quite some time. It also allows a second child to hitch a ride, or a parent to give the Slither a spin!

Putting together the Pulse Slither was not nearly as fun as riding it. You must install the handlebars, wheels, and folding mechanism, and several tools are required. The handlebars and steering can be adjusted to suit a child's height. The rear wheel swivel truck is also adjustable. You can tighten its tension spring to reduce side-to-side motion and increase speed. Loosen the spring to increase side-to-side motion for cooler spins and tricks.

As with any riding toy, the Slither scooter carries some potential for injury. Wearing a helmet is essential. Knee and elbow pads are also recommended in the instruction manual, although the child pictured on the front of the manual wears no padding (he does have a helmet on).

Disclosure: Review sample was provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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