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How to Make Pine Shutters

    • 1). Measure the edge of the window frame from top to bottom. Cut six of your pine boards at that length, using your miter saw.

    • 2). Cut the remaining pine board into six 11-1/2 inch sections.

    • 3). Place three of the longer pine boards on a work area, next to one another with a half-inch of space between them. Set one short board across all three of the long boards, Place it right in the middle, so the ends of the short board line up with the side edges of the two outermost long boards.

      Secure the short board to the long boards by driving two ¾ inch galvanized screws down through the face of the short board and into the long board under it at each intersection.

    • 4). Set two more short boards across the long boards, one six inches from the top, the other six inches from the bottom. Secure them in the same fashion using the galvanized screws. Repeat the process to make the second shutter.

    • 5). Hang the shutters alongside the window with 2-inch galvanized screws.

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