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College Theme Party Ideas

College theme party ideas can be just about anything that a popular vote decides.
Theme parties can take place all through the school year.
Easter parties, Christmas parties, Halloween parties, New Years, graduation and Saint Patrick's Day are just a few of the traditional themes celebrated throughout the year.
The purpose of this type of party is to have some fun and perhaps reminisce a bit.
College party themes can easily be created out of fantasy like Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, or even cute movies like Toy Story.
It often depends if people want to be formal or informal.
There are also parties about coming as your profession, or parties that carry the theme of a Shakespeare play.
There are also a number of parties that have been based on historical dates and the people that were a part of the action.
Some of these themes even have a short play to add to the entertainment.
Music themes can also be interesting to have.
Music, such as Jazz, 60's music or any other type you use, will greatly add to the atmosphere you choose.
You could also play music from the entire decade to show the change of music over a period of ten years.
Having dance lessons offered for a few weeks beforehand can add to the party and participation in a type of dance that people didn't previously know how to do.
The best way to go about it is to pass out cards with the ideas on it and let the vote on what they would like to do.
A college party theme is a great way to feel young again (and appreciate where you've gone since then!).

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