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Reebok I Run Review

The Reebok I Run is a highly popular treadmill introduced to the market by Reebok, commonly known for their athletic apparel and footwear (as a subsidiary of Adidas) as opposed to fitness equipment. Part of the Reebok I series range, the i Run treadmill was dubbed 'smart and easy' by Reebok Itself. Having tried and tested the i Run, we were left with no choice but to agree with.

Smart this treadmill most certainly is. With a sleek design than is targeted to blend into the contemporary home, the i Run looks great to the eye. it has a smooth finish to it, and yet is extremely sturdy and well built. The Reebok I Run is also extremely compact, which again makes it ideal for the modern user. This treadmill really does have a clean look. it is obvious that Reebok was targeting the younger generation with the aesthetic appeal of this treadmill. Available in five different colors, namely, white, black, orange, pink and blue, you can purchase the i Run in a color that suits you and your home!

if you want evidence why 'easy' is a good adjective for this treadmill, then just try assembling this product (or not as in the case of this treadmill). All of the hard work is done already for you, and all you just have to do is screw the feet of the treadmill on! Simple enough right? The Reebok I Run is also a folding treadmill. This means that it can be folded up and put away with ease, so it does not have to trouble you when you are not using it. This is extremely convenient for obvious reasons. Aside from this, the Reebok I Run is easy to use and operate. You will not have trouble getting this treadmill going or getting used to the functions. it is pretty simple, and this caters to the need most of us have. The last thing we want is countless buttons and features when we just want a simple run!

Although the Reebok I Run is targeting the lower end of the market in terms of pricing, this should not be a sign that it performs like other similarly priced treadmills. Quite the opposite in fact. The Reebok I Run has many features that your standard expensive treadmill will include. However this does not mean it is a powerful treadmill compared to more expensive models. Put simply, it is powerful enough for the average user and can cater for a novice and experienced enthusiast. However, the functionality and mechanics of this treadmill are, as would be expected, limited by the price tag.

All in all however it is a good performer. With a solid 1.75 HP motor that will do more than an adequate job. it also has a max speed of 14km/h (8.7mph) which believe me, is more than enough for the average user looking to lose body fat and get in shape. With two incline levels and 6 pre set programmes, the Reebok I Run is well equipped to deliver. There is a large LCD screen which will display all the vital statistics, including distance covered, time and calories burned. if you want to improve your fitness, tone up and get in shape, then the Reebok I Run can most certainly be trusted. You will find that although the i Run is very well priced, Reebok have not compromised on quality.

And not compromising is what the Reebok I Run does extremely well. Here you have a machine which is available at a bargain price, but does not compromise on performance, ease of use or design. Reebok really have struck the balance well, and the i Run simply represents fantastic value for money. if you want to bring the benefits of running to your modern home, then give the Reebok I Run a chance. it is highly recommended. Well done Reebok!

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