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Drawing Your Career

A person can get this talent from birth and can make it has his bread and butter in the long run. A person can be a painter, an artist, or a sketcher and can still deserve the same name and fame which could be seen in other fields.

A professional artist is one who takes up the artistic job to support his life. A professional artist can make use of variety of mediums which may consists of sculpture, painting photography and many more. The artist can work in various fields such as a cartoonist, sketch artist, multimedia artists, and multimedia animators or also as illustrators.

Education requirements is must in this field, although the person may know some kind of artistic work but it is important to get his talent polished. There are some institutions which provide education and training to people who are interested in this field.

Many schools, art colleges and many more technical institutions offer fine art programs. These programs help people in learning about different art techniques, history of art and other humanity subjects. Learning drawing or other artistic works can begin from 4 years and this could scale up to 40 years or more. This field consists of various groups such as

Sculptor: They are those people who work on stones and marbles. They were myriads of sculptors during the Renascence period. Although this is minimized by the beginning of the 21st century but some do take keen interest in it. There are some institutions that train people in this fine art.

Painters: They are thought by brush and some colors. Children from various age groups are given special training on this subject. Even adults receive trainings from various institutions.

Sketchers: They are people who can draw a full sized figure without using any colors. There is not much difference between a painter and a sketcher, they perform in the same field and are professional to do the same work. The only difference is the painter uses colors and a sketcher uses a pencil.


Many artists find their way in museums, advertising agencies, movie studios, newspapers and magazines where they could earn their livings. Competitions in the artistic field are generally high. Artists are required to create 3D animations in the movies and are dealt with multimedia to give a sizzling touch.

Artist can now perform in the medical field as medical illustration which will be in great demand once it reaches the market.

Pay Package

Salary structure varies greatly for artist; this could differ for a freelance artist who takes his work on a private base. He could be working from his home or may travel from door to door to gain some income. It has been estimated that an average craft artist can earn from $32,570 which could be different for an art director who could earn around $88,510.

Job Prospects

Artist can easily find their way; the sketchers can work in crime departments or with law enforcement agencies to sketch out a suspect. This could be done by hand or by drawing on the computers. Artist can also find themselves working for animated movies and creating 3D animations.

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