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Hottest Trend in Online Dating

Internet can give us everything that we need in just a snap of a finger. But who would have thought that finding love is also within its scope? Online dating is one of today's hottest trends to all singles. Let us now uncover the myths behind this infamous dating system.

It was in the year 1994 that the market of dating online bloomed. In just after 2 years, there were about 16 dating websites available. Up until that time, the number of online daters continued to increase to hundreds of dating sites available today. Latest surveys revealed that about 37% of the single respondents tried to find date through the Internet, and 17% of them were able to establish a long term relationships with their online partners.

Online dating sites paved the way in establishing a standard for single people looking for partner. According to recent surveys, money appears to be one of the bases for singles looking for their prospective date. Women confessed that they specifically want to date men with high-earning jobs. On the contrary, most men appear to be interested to gorgeous and younger women.

Apparently, it was also proven that women are more picky compared to men. A lot of online women daters appear to be more patient in finding a compatible partner, unlike men, who want to do it in the fastest way possible.

Similarity is one of the most important factors for online daters in search for their partners. That is why most of the online dating sites today are offering feature that can match two similar people. The similarity could range from religion, hobbies, and vices. This is perfect for people who are very peculiar when it comes to the issue of compatibility.

Despite the availability of online dating sites, you must remember that not all of these sites can exactly provide the type of commitment that online daters are looking for. There are some sites that are intended for people who are in search for a real commitment, while other sites are meant for people in search for a fling or a simple hook up. So be sure to choose a site that will perfectly cater your needs. Most importantly, try your best to be honest from the start up to the end of the dating process. An accurate representation of one self is the key in searching for a compatible partner online.

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