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The Good, The Bad And The Ugly In Network Marketing

Network Marketing, just like any other business, is constantly evolving. Therefore with the help of technology, the methods of duplication are changing whether you know it and/or use it or not.

But what amuses me is why network marketing is given a 'bad' one-of-those-pyramid-scheme response from many people. On the flip side, those who are network marketers themselves, still are struggling to make it work.

Hands down, to me network marketing is a great vehicle to create long-term wealth whilst helping people with the opportunity to reach their goals. You are building strong relationships, and you get to leverage off people's efforts while you sleep!

But first, understand it is important that you choose the right business for yourself and enter into a company whose product or service resonates with you. You are in this business for the long run, remember!

If you do not believe in the company's product that you are endorsing, and you are just in the business to make some moolah, then I hate to say, you may be off to a slow start. Personally speaking I fell into this category with my first company. And all the successful marketers will tell you, if you do not think your company offers the best products or services around, you are in the wrong company!

Secondly do your research on the company's system. All companies think their systems are simple. But the proof is in the results. I say, if it is simple and effective ' then you are harnessing the power of duplication!

You see, in this day and age we, network marketers, have at our disposal an arsenal of marketing weapons! Since the year 2000, many network marketers have their own personal websites. That means flash presentations about your business is available online for the world to see 24/7.

Just some of the marketing methods I've listed here are Pay Per Click advertising, Search Engine Optimized websites, Forums, Blogs, Social Networking sites (eg. MySpace), Funded Proposal marketing, Auto-responder marketing etc etc.

And while company DVDs and CDs still serve a purpose, they are now just part of the system, and not the system itself because you no longer have to rely on them for their success.

In reality, MANY marketers are building global businesses, growing huge down-lines and paychecks... at the same time without having to cold call leads nor attend to one hotel meeting! But I guess it's not all like that for most network marketers...

You must have at least come across one pesky network marketer who annoys, begs or pushes their company and/or products onto their friends and family. Sadly this is the reason why network marketing gets some of its bad rap.

What they do is like hunt and chase down their prey. When the prey says no they move into stalking mode even when that person is probably the worst possible prospect! After months of chasing, the lonely hunter retires from the game, with a garage full of potions, lotions or pills. They'd be lucky enough to still have their friends around!

Sadly often times this same person were just doing what their company told them to do. If given the right training and taught the right principles, don't you think the story would have changed differently?

The truth is, the heavy hitters and the top earners of the industry are not out on a Thursday night showing presentation after presentation to their family and friends. Or pestering strangers for that matter!

What separates the heavy hitters from the 'average Joe' is their posture. Heavy hitters fish, not hunt. And there is a huge difference between hunting and fishing.

Hunters chase things that run away until one is exhausted, dead or both. When fishing on the other hand, you cast your bait out into the water and sit in comfort. The bait is enticing and the fish is attracted to the bait ' and the fish takes a bite.

In other words, the prospect comes to you because you have something the prospect wants. Through the leverage of the internet you have the ability to cast out your 'electronic bait' amongst an ocean of millions of fish at once, and not into a bucket with just a few fish!

The beauty here, is you attract the right prospect to you because that prospect is somebody who is actively seeking for an opportunity and is ready and willing. Network marketing is a sorting and sifting business, not hunting and chasing. And whoever sorts the most and the fastest wins.

So why don't network marketers fish instead of hunt? Maybe they just need the right fishing gear. Maybe it is because they don't know the rules of the game. I got into this industry to enjoy a concept called leverage, and with the help of technology the internet has changed the rules.

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