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How to Tell if Baby Hamsters Are Boys or Girls

    • 1). Gently hold the hamster so that its underside is exposed. If the hamster isn't familiar with being handled or if it is moving too much, place it in a clear glass bowl or another transparent container.

    • 2). Hold the bowl or container so that you can get a good look at the hamster's belly. Scan the underside of the hamster for any large visible testicles near its tail (an instant sign that the hamster is male) or nipples, which may indicate that the hamster is female.

    • 3). If there are no nipples or testicles in clear view, locate the hamster's genital and anal openings near the base of its tail. If the two openings look like an exclamation point, the hamster is likely female; if the two holes look like a colon mark, it is likely male. Also note that the openings are much closer together in females than they are in males.

    • 4). If necessary, check and compare the locations of the genital openings among your litter of baby hamsters. You should be able to notice a distinct difference in the spacing between the openings among the hamsters that are female compared to those that are male.

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