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How to Install the Filter in a Humidifier

    • 1). Turn off the humidifier and disconnect it from the power supply.

    • 2). Move the humidifier to an area with a floor that will not be damaged by water, if it is portable. If not, place a towel underneath the front access panel.

    • 3). Open the front access panel or lid on the top of the humidifier to access the filter housing. If the access door or lid can be removed, set it aside.

    • 4). Remove the filter if you are replacing one; otherwise the housing will be empty. Insert the filter into the filter housing, sliding it in the direction of the arrows on the filter. If there are tabs on top of the filter housing, place the tabs over the top of the filter.

    • 5). Slide the filter housing back into the unit, if it slides out. Close the front access panel or lid and put the humidifier back in place if you moved it. Restore power to the humidifier.

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