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Ideas for a Sports Banquet

    • A banquet is a terrific opportunity for players, coaches, and athletic administrators to get together and reminisce about sports activities and recognize players for outstanding performances. Whether you are holding a small sports banquet at a school or a large event to honor a group of professionals, your focus should be on providing your guests with a program full of exciting sports themes and guests.

    The Food

    • When having a sports banquet, it's safe to go with the KISS theory (keep it simple silly). If this is a very small gathering of a few players and coaches, think of the banquet more as a Super Bowl party (with awards and commentary) instead of an elegant dinner. You may be able to simply serve hero sandwiches and potato salad, depending on the group. Even if it is a big event, consider the individual tastes of your guests. For example, do not seek to impress a group of "meat and potatoes" football-types with expensive small-portioned meals when they may feel more comfortable with T-bone steaks and macaroni and cheese. If you're unsure of the tastes of the group, establish a few very different meal selections and ask each attendee to select a dish before the event.

    Hire a Local Sports Legend

    • Instead of allowing a member of your committee to emcee at the event, hire a local sports legend to speak at your sports banquet. This is an affordable investment that could turn a bland affair into an exhilarating experience for your guests. The emcee or presenter could be a local high school or college player, or a retired professional player. Once you book the perons, be sure to advertise this fact on your flyers and banquet tickets.

    Play Clips

    • At some point, your guests may get tired of hearing people speak at the banquet. Give them some visual entertainment to keep them engaged in the event. Compile a tape of sports clips related to your group that will allow everyone to reminisce. If possible, schedule portions of the tape throughout the banquet and incorporate it with the theme to keep people interested.

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