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Can a New Kitten Survive the Perils of Your Home?

Kittens are without question one of the cutest animals on the planet - bar none.
The cute ways that they romp, purr and cuddle with you is an instant magnate - they are basically irresistible.
However, before you bring that little fur-ball home, you might want to step back and consider a few care tips for its safety (and your sanity).
You are Dealing with a Baby! The most important thing you can do is realize that you are dealing with a baby - a baby who is hyper-playful and hyper-curious about everything it finds.
It's just the nature of the 'beast.
'It is critical to do a walk-through inspection of your home to make sure you look at things from your kitten's perspective.
Ask yourself, "What can my little fur-ball get into?" Hide Hazardous Chemicals Just as you would keep hazardous chemicals out of reach of a human infant, use the same caution with your kitten as well and put those items away.
Keep in mind that kittens are much more mobile that human infants, so you may need to put things way out of the way or even locked up.
Close those Open Windows Open windows can create an unwanted escape hazard from your home.
Keep them shut to remove any temptation.
Also, if you live in a high-rise apartment complex, an open window can be a falling hazard.
Do yourself a favor and keep those windows closed or make sure they are well-screened.
Loose the Potpourri Potpourri adds nice smells to your living space, but they can be deadly to kittens if eaten.
The problem is the oils that they contain.
Close the Toilet Many a kitten has drowned in a toilet bowl trying to get a drink of water.
Make sure you keep the toilet bowl lid closed as well as its water dish supplied with fresh water.

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