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The Glitter of Gold Jewellery in India

The allure of gold is time immemorial. Gold Jewellery in India holds a special place in every aspect of an Indian woman's life - starting from birth to being part of every important occasion in her life. The kind of gold jewellery she wears defines her status, her position in society, her style.

Jewellery designs can be classified into bridal jewellery and everyday wear. Wedding jewellery is the biggest segment, the most important part of a bride's trousseau, one for which the parents save and start collecting for years. Gold Jewellery Designs for bridal wear are basically heavy and chunky, and mostly tradition based. However, designs every year change with the changing trends - new designs replacing the old, old designs making a comeback, bollywood movies influencing styles, western styles weaving influences in Indian designs, designers making their own mark - the list is endless. Every state in the country has its own distinctive designs and styles. Antique designs being revived in new avatars are the new rage in bridal wear. Jadau, Polki, Meenakari and Kundan styles are everlasting, still being the preferred choice for weddings. The biggest change in trend is that gold jewellery in India is being replaced by a host of other metals, the most preferred being platinum and white gold. A diamond necklace, an essential part of a bride's attire, was traditionally set in gold. But these days, modern brides prefer diamonds set in platinum, which is more elegant, trendy, lighter and definitely more fashionable.

Popular jewelry designs preferred by the brides today are Rose Cut Jewelry, Antique Jewelry Design, Combination of Antique and Modern Design, Victorian Design among others. Victorian style jewelry is a blend of gold and silver metal that comes with valuable stone settings. And in Rose Cut Diamond jewelry, the diamond is exclusively crafted so that its top looks like a rose bud. Basically the more unique it is, the better. Which is why, for those who can afford it, customized jewellery is the way to go.

Working women too like to flaunt their jewellery. It is not uncommon to see a pair of Levis being accessorized with an elegant gold neckpiece or bracelet. Diamonds of course are always a woman's best friend. A host of companies are offering light, and elegant diamond jewellery designs for the modern woman.

The biggest change in gold jewellery in India is the buying trend. The traditional method of going to the family jeweler, choosing the design, customizing the style is slowly dying out. Like with everything else, jewellery too is bought online. In fact, such jewelry are all hallmarked and certified, offering the customer a more trusted source.

However, the biggest change in trend is that, gold jewellery in India, is no longer just a woman's domain or prerogative. It's a man's world too.

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