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How to Organize a Playgroup

    • 1). Identify who you would like to include in your child's playgroup. Include children who are of a similar age as your child as well as children from your local neighborhood.

    • 2). Use fliers to encourage other parents to join your playgroup. Ask current members if they know other parents who would like to join.

    • 3). Make sure you have everyone's email address. It's often easier to schedule playgroups through email than in person or by making lots of phone calls.

    • 4). Set a day each week when everyone can play. Make this your regular playgroup day so that everyone can pencil it in on their calendar.

    • 5). Send email reminders to the group to remind them of the day and location. Remind them of any rainy-day backup locations. Identify hosts for each week to provide snacks, games and a rainy-day activity.

    • 6). Rotate the playgroup meeting site occasionally among local parks to increase interest in different activities, but stick to a single location most weeks to promote group stability.

    • 7). Schedule other activities for the playgroup as time and schedules permit. An outing to the local museum, children's theater or dinner out can be a way to strengthen the bonds created on the playground.

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