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Precautions for Car Battery Acid

    Skin Care

    • According to the European Cooperation on School Education, car battery acid can cause quick and permanent damage if it comes in contact with human skin. Users should use gloves and heavy clothing to prevent accidental exposure. If the acid should come in contact with skin, users should promptly remove contaminated clothes, wash the skin and seek medical attention.

    Eye Care

    • Eye care specialists at Boston Laser caution users to always wear protective goggles when handling car batteries. Because car battery acid can seriously and permanently damage eye tissue, those who have acid come in contact should flush the exposed eyes with water and call for immediate medical attention.

    Heat Precautions

    • The European Cooperation on School Education explains that a reaction between the car battery acid and water may cause enough heat to make the water boil. For this reason, users should exercise extreme caution when diluting acid with water, and remember to always add the acid to the water rather than adding water to acid.

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