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Ways to a Successful Marriage, Not Divorce

For years I have watched people get married then divorced.
Many people seem to think that marriage is a temporary status and no commitment is necessary.
Yet when couples have children, resources and even pets, divorces cause problems.
Many counties and cities are now requiring premarital counseling because divorces rates continue to increase in our society.
Discounts on marriage licenses are given to couples who have had marriage counseling.
Pastors of local churches often require engaged men and women to attend counseling secessions before they will perform the ceremony.
For this reason, civic, social and religious organizations have found White Bible Ceremonies ways to challenge couples to strive toward successful marriages.
I have found that during a White Bible Ceremony, the couple is given advice for successful marriage.
The marital advice is based upon principles from the Bible, experts and personal experiences.
The advice-givers are people who have been successfully married for several years.
The characteristics of a successful marriage are presented in the form of object lessons to help the couple remember the advice.
The highlight of a White Bible Ceremony is the presentation of a family Bible with information pages that can be passed on to future generations.
Any civic, social or religious organization that is interested promoting everlasting marriage may honor a couple who has plans for nuptial bliss.
A facilitator may be chosen by the organization to coordinate the event.
The honorees may be members of the organization or a couple that the group would like to extend best wishes for marital bliss.
A household shower and reception may follow the presentation.
Guests may have the opportunity to give their advice and extend congratulations.
The couple is challenged to make a lifetime commitment and is presented a White Bible that can be passed to future generations.

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