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Role of Friendship Quotes to Understand the Need of Friends

After reading this article, you will come to the need of friendship in the ups and downs of life and will understand how friends help us in solving problems and what is the role of friendship quotes. From the birth till death, we face lots of obstacles and complications in our life. We always look for someone who can understand us and with whom we can share our sorrows and happiness. So we make friends and start sharing our feelings with them. It is clearly mentioned in all friendship quotes that the friend in need is the friend indeed. In happy moment anyone can come and enjoy with us, but the real friend is that who comes in when we are in trouble.

There is great need of friends in all stages of life, like we want them:-

When we be unsuccessful-
Success and failure both are the part of our journey. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. But when we face failure, it frustrates and demotivates us. It is very sensitive time of life. But our friends come and inspire us. They guide us and be with us to bounce back. They let us not get into depression.

For fun-
Our life becomes monotonous without fun and laughter. Friends tease each others, there naughty mischief make us laugh. Laughter is very necessary to stay away from all diseases. They make our life interesting and frighten away the dullness and boredom.

To support & help-
Often we feel very jittery when we stuck up in some serious problems or any mishap occurs. At that time our friendship becomes helping hand for us. They support us and console us. They motivate us to start again. Friends support is always needed in our life.

To share-
You have lots of secrets in your life and you can not share everything with every one. There must be someone on whom you can trust. It is being said that when you share your sorrows, they get divide and when you share your happiness, they get double. Friendship is the bond where you can share all your feelings and experiences with your true mates. They lighten your burden and make you happy.

Friendship quotes let us all these qualities of true friendship. True friendship is a gift of god. There is no blood relation still affinity, care and love exist between friends. It is our duty to help friends in every step of life.

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