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How to Put a Pulley on a Craftsman Mower

    • 1). Spray lubricant on the bolts holding the pulley bracket to the housing or mower deck. Spray the nuts on the underside of the housing or deck as well. While you are waiting for the lubricant to loosen the bolt threads, observe how the drive belt threads through the pulley and onto the motor shaft of your particular Craftsman.

    • 2). Pull the spring-loaded pulley toward the drive shaft to release tension on the belt. Slip the belt loop off the pulley and set the belt to one side.

    • 3). Release the two tension springs on the sides of the pulley from the metal rods on the mower deck or housing.

    • 4). Twist the nuts on the underside of the Craftsman counterclockwise to release the bolts. Pull the bolts from the top to remove them from the pulley bracket and mounting plate to remove the pulley assembly.

    • 5). Line up the new pulley assembly with the bolt holes in the Craftsman housing or mower deck and insert the bolts through both parts. Tighten the pulley bracket with the nuts, turning each clockwise below the mower with pliers or a wrench.

    • 6). Attach the two springs on each side of the pulley to the metal rods on the mower housing or deck.

    • 7). Pull the pulley toward the drive shaft and thread the belt through the pulley in the same path as used for the original pulley.

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