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How to Remove the Airbox in a 1990 Honda CBR1000

    • 1). Unlock your CBR1000F's seat with its ignition key, then lift the seat up and off the motorcycle's frame.

    • 2). Unscrew the mounting bolt from the bottom of both side covers, located directly below the seat's frame rails, using a 10-mm socket and a socket wrench. Grasp the front of the side covers, then pull the covers' mounting bosses out of the frame's rubber grommets. Pull the side covers toward the front of the motorcycle to release the tabs on the rear of the covers from the tail fairing.

    • 3). Unscrew both bolts from the front of the gas tank, using a 10-mm socket, then lift the tank up against the hinge at the tank's base. Reach under the gas tank and unplug the vent hose from the bottom of the tank. Pull the vacuum line and the fuel line off the tank's petcock, located on the left side of the gas tank. Unplug the fuel level sensor's wiring, located on the bottom of the gas tank, from the motorcycle's wiring harness. Unscrew the nut from the gas tank's hing bolt with a 10-mm combination wrench and a 10-mm socket. Pull the bolt out of the gas tank's hinge, then lift the tank away from your CBR1000F.

    • 4). Remove the air intake duct from the right side of the motorcycle. Unscrew the duct's mounting bolt from the right seat rail, using a 10-mm socket, then pull the duct off the air box's filter cover. Unscrew the filter cover's bolts with a Phillips screwdriver, then pull the cover out from the motorcycle's seat rails. Pull the air filter element out of the air box.

    • 5). Unscrew both air box clamp bolts from the frame rails along the sides of the air box, using a 10-mm socket. Loosen the clamps attaching the air box's flanges to the carburetor assembly, using a flat-head screwdriver. Pull the crankcase breather tube off the nozzle on the front of the air box. Push the air box's flanges off the carburetor assembly, then lift the air box out of the CBR1000F's frame.

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