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The Advantages of Car Trailer Toads


    • Motor homes are not noted for their gas mileage. These large, gas-guzzling vehicles are a means to an end. Staying in campgrounds is typically a lot cheaper than staying in hotels, but you need something cheaper to get around a local area. Some campgrounds offer weekly or monthly rates, allowing you to stay and see the sights in relative comfort. The smaller toad vehicle makes it possible to shop, go sightseeing and get more than nine miles to the gallon.


    • Motor homes, especially those that tow, are also difficult to maneuver. Anyone who has ever taken a motor home into a historic downtown will know of the hazards of pedestrians, narrow streets and traffic lights. If you instead leave your motor home at the campground and use your car to get around, you will also reduce your stress accordingly. You will not need to worry about height limit barriers, special RV parking or tree-lined streets that damage your roof. You can also take bumpy dirt roads without fear that your closets will burst open or you'll get stuck.

    Safety and Anonymity

    • Motor homes simply stand out, and they are walking advertisements for crime. Even the cheapest machines are not trivial purchases and their contents may attract interest. It is safer to leave the motor home parked while driving the toad around. Unless your toad is something unusual such as a classic car, it's not likely to attract any more attention than the average vehicle in a parking lot. There's safety in numbers.

    Saving on Wear and Tear

    • Instead of putting miles and stress on your largest, most expensive vehicle, you put them on the toad instead. This will save you money both in terms of purchase cost and also in maintenance. A set of tires on a motor home can cost hundreds of dollars. On a car, you might get a set for under $100.

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