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How to Teach Spanish to a Significant Other

    • 1). Substitute Spanish words. As you are having a conversation, substitute Spanish words for English ones. This will make it easier for your partner to link words to their meanings. For example, "I have to return a "libro" to the library." Libro means book. Say, "My shirt is azul." Azul means blue. It is helpful if he writes down the words that he is learning.

    • 2). Teach her words related to affection. As you give her a kiss, say the Spanish word for it. Or put the word in a short phrase. For example, "dame un beso" (give me a kiss) or "ven abrazame" (come and hug me). Keep repeating these words and phrases when you would like some affection. She will connect these words to the actions. This is an effective way to teach her short phrases, and it can bring you closer together

    • 3). Watch foreign language movies with English subtitles. The best way to learn Spanish is to be immersed in the language. The more that he is able to hear it, the easier he will pick it up. Try to watch at least 1 or 2 movies per week to keep his memory fresh.

    • 4). Go to a Latin restaurant that has menus written in Spanish. Help him read the menu. Teach him the names of foods, drinks and utensils. Most of these restaurants will have Spanish music playing in the background. Talk about the meaning and lyrics to the song.

    • 5). Buy a cookbook that is written in Spanish. Choose a dish that you would like to try. Go to a Spanish grocery store and pick out the ingredients together. Walk around the grocery store and point out the different items to her. Have her repeat the word.

    • 6). Play a romantic game. Teach him the names of body parts. Tell him that he must say the name of the body part before he is allowed to touch it. This is a great game that helps build anticipation for a romantic night.

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