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How To Survive A Job Loss

Has this ever happened to you: You have been working at a particular job for a few years.
It's not the greatest job and it hasn't always allowed you to capitalize on your unique gifts or talents.
But it's ok, and it pays the bills.
The job has become a part of your life's routine.
Then one day, without any forewarning, you're let go.
In what seems like a split second, you go from being gainfully employed to joining the ranks of the unemployed.
It's a shock to the system.
A tremendous level of stress can accompany being unemployed.
You're certainly affected by the loss of income.
You may also have a related drop in your level of confidence.
Your unemployment may be impacting your home life and personal relationships.
There may be a degree of depression that you are dealing with.
You may be harboring lingering resentments toward those people responsible for your layoff.
Finding a job is challenging enough; if you bring these emotions into your job search efforts, you will be placing yourself in a very disadvantageous position.
You need to be clear-headed and focused to move yourself forward.
You must find a way to bring yourself into a more balanced state.
Realizing that you are not alone may be a good first step.
Renewing or maintaining friendships is another.
Appreciating yourself in every way possible goes a long way.
Relaxation exercises, deep breathing, yoga, meditation, working out, and eating healthier foods can make you feel a lot better about yourself.
These steps can help you move past any negative emotions and toward a much healthier mental state.
Having a clear and positive vision for yourself and your future may be the icing on the cake needed to launch your job search process and move you quickly in the direction of obtaining your career goals.
You need to know that you will get through this.
You will get on the other side of it.
It may take some time, and it may not be the most comfortable period in your life.
But your willingness to move forward and your intention to stay on track will invariably lead you to the next phase of your career, and life.
Remember, when one door closes, a better and brighter one opens in its place.
When a layoff occurs, know that you invariably will face new opportunities that can truly transform your life.
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