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Windows XP Home Edition Features

    Advanced Photo Capability

    • One of the biggest features that Windows XP Home Edition offers is enhanced photo capabilities for users who wish to download digital photo albums, import video files or create videos of their own. Microsoft offers this feature through the Windows XP Home Program thorough enhanced functionality and image acquisition. In addition, Windows XP Home Edition offers increased technology with regard to editing, photo rotation, image enhancements and image sharing options. While many of these programs are also available on other Windows-based applications, the improvements to the system that appear on the Windows XP Home addition have earned high marks from PC review sites, such as the Super Site For Windows.

    Enhanced Audio Programming

    • In addition to enhanced image capabilities, the Windows XP Home Edition offers increased audio programming compatibility through Media Player for Windows XP, which allow users to create their own online music albums for personal use. The improvements to Windows XP's Home Edition audio components provide crisper sound and digital audio quality. In addition to the improvements made to online music programming, Windows XP Home Edition features new improvements to its recording system, which allows home users to record their own music as well. While recording has been offered on other versions of Windows, the improvements have led to nods of approval from online review sites such as Active Win.

    Increased Support

    • According to reviews published on Active Win, one of the biggest and most improved features that is offered through Windows XP Home Edition is the abundance of support options offered to the user. While all windows programs have offered support in the past, Windows XP Home Edition has upped the support levels available to home-based users through additions to the Microsoft Knowledge Base, online advice remote access help, which is available at the click of a mouse. Another new feature to the Window XP Home Edition is the option to submit your issue directly to an agent over the internet, who will then investigate the issue on your behalf and respond to your issue personally with shorter turnaround times.

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