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How to Get a Guy to Want You - 5 Tips to Get Any Man You Like

Are you tired of waiting around for Mr.
Right? Do you sometimes wish that it was okay for the girl to make the first move on the guy she likes? These are the questions that constantly run in the minds of a lot of ladies these days.
And even though it is completely alright for a gal to try and win a guy over, if not done correctly, it will look like the she is quite desperate to get into a relationship.
But do not fret, there are some methods that you can use to subtly make a guy want you as much as you want him.
If you want to know how to get a guy to want you, then you should take note of the following tips; follow them to the letter and you can get any man to fall for you hard.
  • Smile often and always be pleasant.
    Men are easily intimidated by women who do not smile.
    If you flash a smile his way every now and then, he will get the feeling that you are approachable and easy to get along with; plus having a smile on your face will instantly make you look a lot more attractive when you put on a scowl.
  • Dress nicely.
    You do not have to wear a provocative dress to work, you just need to look presentable all the time.
    Take good care of your clothes, and always retouch your makeup every chance you get, and try not to look stressed out.
  • Be cheerful and fun.
    Nobody likes to hang around someone boring.
    Whenever there is an office party, try to chat it up with your officemates and laugh with them.
    Not only will you enjoy the occasion more, the guy you like will also start hanging out with you more often after.
  • Be cool and confident.
    Nothing makes a woman more attractive than self confidence.
    When you are confident, you can carry yourself better, like there is an invisible aura around you that seems to affect how other people treat you.
    If you want to make a guy notice you, then you need to first believe that you are attractive enough to demand his attention.
  • Discreetly tell him that you like him.
    If you are really tired of waiting for the man you like to make the first move, then do it yourself, but in a toned down manner.
    This method will take a bit of courage so you need to prepare beforehand.
    For instance, if you get the chance to chat it up with him at the cafeteria or around the water cooler, tell him that you think that he's really cute.
    If he reciprocates your feelings, then ask him out for coffee or something.
Get any man you like just by following these simple tips on how to get a guy to want you.
These are rather simple methods; all you need to do is build up enough courage to go through with them.

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