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How to Obtain a Copy of an SS-5 for a Deceased Person

    • 1). Print out form SSA-711 from the Social Security Administration website. The link to the form is available in the Resources section of this article.

    • 2). Fill out the form in its entirety. Begin with choosing between a standard photocopy of records or a computer extract, which is a printed record of information on file from the SSA computer database. Note that if you don't have the individual's Social Security number, you'll need to choose the options for "SS of deceased individual not provided," which costs extra. Choose whether or not you want a certified copy, which will include a stamp or mark indicating the photocopy is a copy of the original SS-5 form.

    • 3). Provide the deceased individual's information, including name, date of birth, gender, Social Security number (if available), and place of birth (if available). Include the deceased individual's parents' names in the next section if you don't have the Social Security number. Fill out your name and address. Include your telephone number and signature with the date signed.

    • 4). Include a check for the amount due for the request. The amount will vary based on the labeled options chosen on the form. You can also use the secure government payment website available in the Resources section of this article. Note you'll need to register on the site before using the online payment option.

    • 5). Place the form and payment (or proof of payment for online payment) in an envelope with postage. Mail the request to the following address:


      P.O. BOX 33022

      BALTIMORE, MD 21290-3022

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