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How to Install a MicroSD in the BlackBerry 8830

    • 1). Turn the 8830 over and press down on the silver square in the middle of the backside of the device. While pressing down, pull your finger toward the bottom of the phone and slide the battery cover off.

    • 2). Place your finger on the metal mechanism located directly under where the silver square on the back cover was. Pull the mechanism back toward the bottom of the device to release it, then pull the top end up. The mechanism will rotate up on hinges until it stops at an almost upright position.

    • 3). Position the 8830 in front of you. Hold the microSD card so that the metal contacts are pointing down and away from you. Slide the microSD card into the mechanism. There are tabs on the side of the metal piece that will hold the card in place.

    • 4). Push down on the memory card to rotate the metal mechanism back down onto the device. Push the mechanism toward the top of the BlackBerry to lock it into place. Slide the battery cover back onto the device.

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