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Dos And Do Not" s Of Using Social Media For Marketing

Social media is one of the marvels of modern science. It is used extensively by people around the world to find and communicate with people of common interests. Having an account on social media has become a trend. Millions of people are already using social media sites and every day thousands of people become new members.

Social media has become so popular that it is also used by business houses for marketing their products. With the increase in popularity of Internet many online marketing companies have emerged which promote products of various companies through Internet.

How to start your Internet marketing campaign

When you start using a social media, you must take your time to understand it. You must try to explore the options that it provides and its range. In order to specialize in using a social media site you have to use it extensively. You cannot become a good driver by reading books on driving. You have to actually drive a vehicle to gain expertise in driving. Similar is the case with social media. Only after having understood a social media site completely you must use it for marketing purposes. You must try to understand for which niche a particular social media could be utilized.

Social media usage for marketing must not be excessive or too less

You need to use the various social media sites intelligently. Merely putting up a profile on a site like LinkedIn is not sufficient. Having a profile and a few connections would not help in achieving any thing. It is like getting one thousand brochures printed and then putting them in your office shelf.

Similarly sending too many mails on LinkedIn with the same message to all the recipients is not going to make much of an impact. Very few emails are going to be read actually. Very few are going to materialize in to sales. Though you might feel that you are trying your best to market your products but in the end it will turn out to be a futile exercise. It resembles a situation where you have your entire sales team posted at your booth during a trade fair and each of the members is distributing brochures to every one who is passing by.

Some people try to indulge in bulk sales through LinkedIn or Face book without having made a proper contact with the targeted audience. This move can prove to be a wrong step as many of your followers might get agitated and stop following you. It is very difficult to gain followers, so losing them might prove costly.
Inappropriate marketing through social media means wasting the immense potential of an excellent marketing device.

What strategy a marketing company must follow?

B2B marketing companies must learn the ways of using LinkedIn for B2B sales effectively. First they should find their prospective customers and build strong relations with them. After you have earned their goodwill then you can market the products of your clients to them. This would justify the faith shown in you by your client. Any informative B2B sales blog on Internet would repeat the same points regarding usage of social media for business to business sales.

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