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Crimping Tools for Metal Siding


    • A crimping tool consists of two handles that are pivotally attached. The handles bear two jaws, one that forms a channel and the second that supports a crimp bolt. It is used to create tabs to the top edge of the metal siding, which lock the siding strips into place while allowing for lateral movement. A portion of the siding strip is placed between the crimping tool’s jaws, which forms tabs, or “crimps” on the siding once engaged. The crimps allow the siding strip to be locked to an adjacent strip.

    Tips for Use

    • Use the crimping tool to place tabs in the siding every 12 to 16 inches. Push the siding strip into the utility channel of the crimper and close the crimper until both the top and bottom of the siding engage with a “click” sound. When inserting a piece of metal siding into the crimper, make sure it is in a grove inside the crimping tool to ensure a solid crimp.


    • Crimping tools for metal siding are relatively inexpensive. The average cost of a crimping tool is $20 to $50, as of the time of publication. Select a crimping tool that has comfortable plastic grips for easy use. A corrosion-resistant finish, such as nickel-plating, will extend the life of the crimping tool.


    • Store your crimping tool in a dry, dust-free place when not in use, such as a drawer or toolbox. Clean the crimping tool thoroughly with a clean, dry cloth before storing. Keep the area where it is stored free from dampness, which can cause rust to form on the metal parts of the crimping tool. Use a de-humidifier or silica gel strips to keep the room where you store tools dry.

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