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Canon Eos 1100d, Suitable Dslr Camera Just For Newcomers

Canon EOS 1100D and also occasionally known as Digital Rebel T3 is surely a cheap DSLR Camera for newbies or amateur. The particular cost of EOS100D is about $490 plus a kit lens EF-S 18-55mm IS, this kind of Digital camera is definitely the successor regarding recent sequence basic level Canon DSLR, EOS 1000D that being successful in the market. Canon focused market segmentation position for individuals who financial budget minded, want simple and easy camera, nonetheless Affordable. Canon EOS 1100D initially introduced and become competitors for other amateur DSLR Camera such as Nikon D3200, Pentax Kr and Sony A390.

Strategy which utilized by Canon is fairly completely unique in the low-cost Digital SLR camera market section. Earlier, the three-digit EOS (350D, 400D, 450D, etc.) are actually for beginner, today turn out to be four digits EOS become the entry-level Digital SLR Camera. A few years ago Canon Digital SLR EOS 1000D was created so easy plain and simple, currently its successor the Canon EOS 1100D Digital SLR cameras are have many improvements for example sensor resolution, the number of Auto focus factors, metering module, the processor as well as the most significant is HD movie. A few of the features of canon's EOS 1100D DSLR cameras sounded overlap 550D/600D. And here is the actual specification of this basic level Digital SLR camera:

12 MP CMOS sensor
Digic IV processor
720p HD movie recording capability
Ability metering with 63 zones (focus, color and luminance)
using a 9-point AF module (the middle one crosses type)
achieving ISO 6400
3 fps burst speed
2.7-inch LCD, 230 thousand pixel resolution
HDMI out
Kit lens 18-55mm IS. APS-C sensor with 1.6 x crop factor, focal length equivalent to 29-88mm which often good enough designed for normal requirements.

Like I said previously, specification associated with Canon EOS 1100D within the same stage in comparison to EOS 600D, the variances are just in mega pixels (12 MP vs. 18 MP), the actual resolution of High definition video (720p vx 1080p ) along with a little quicker (3 fps vs. 3.7 fps). Furthermore 600D carries a high definition LCD monitor that can be folded away and can be activating external flash wirelessly. However each tend to be the same in terms of model (which includes pent mirror and plastic physical structure), Nine point AF module, 63 zone metering module (which is exactly the same as in the EOS 7D) and thus ISO 6400.


Like other low-budget DSLR camera, Canon EOS 1100D body is actually created from plastic along with smooth surfaces without having texture. Grip may feel a little small, specifically for people who have big palm, but perfect for woman and also teenagers.

The sort of Canon EOS was created like many other beginners' Digital SLR Camera acquiring on-off control keys on the above location, one steering wheel to regulate the exposure, a mode switch and a button to turn over the flash. The actual function dial alone is certainly made up of manual exposure such as P, TV, AV, M and A-DEP, in addition to a variety of scene settings for instance flash off, Creative Auto, Portrait, Landscape, and Movie. The green box definitely is AUTO which can be completely automated, including ISO coupled with flash settings. There isn't any personal preset dial mode setting over the Canon EOS 1100D, considering this camera just isn't intended for the professionals. Flash hot shoe at the center and also flanked by built-in flash that works with E-TTL II.

Even though the Canon EOS 1100D Digital SLR camera for basic level but yet ideal for every Canon camera lens, both EF and EF-S. Certainly no dust cleansing system on the Canon EOS 1100D DSLR camera, to clean the mirror you have to enter the menus to take off the mirror combined with fix it manually. Near the lens mount, there exists a light to prevent red-colored eye because of experience of the flash light, and also a mono mic above logo EOS 1100D.

Unlike other low-priced Digital SLR camera opponents, control keys on the backside from the Canon EOS 1100D DSLR cameras organized very effectively, however the design of the majority of the switches are aligned while using physical body managed to get difficult to push. There is an important answer to access the navigation quickly, Q (Quick Menu) and there is yet another option with a red-colored dot meant for live viewpoint. So the overhead arrow key shortcuts work to correct the ISO, right arrow critical for change the Auto focus mode, all the down arrow key to customize the choice of WB and left arrow keys relating to selection of numerous drive modes. I believe this is the big benefit to have this type of camera, inexpensive DSLR cameras suitable for entry level but top performance. View finder on the Canon EOS 1100D Digital SLR camera provides 95% coverage together with a magnification 0.8 times, of course, not the very best but it surely would be bright enough to be observed. There exists a small wheel regulator diopter to change the focus view finder for anyone utilizing eye glasses.

Positioning of LP-E10 battery pack as well as storage device at the base on the doorways, once the side doorway opened you can observe some sort of remote port, an High definition multimedia interface port alongside Universal serial bus port unfortunately basically no slot for an outside mic.

EOS 1100D is one of the less expensive Digital SLR camera, but yet dont get wrong, typically the overall performance this digital SLR is really so good. Period was required to start-up, shutter lag, shot-to-shot and discovers focus is pretty quick enough. Within the view finder may also be noticed 9-point AF and may glow red anytime busy. Focus options are available exactly like some other Canon DSLRs, there's ONE SHOT mode (non moving subjects), and AI and AI SERVO FOCUS are for moving objects. When working with AI servo setting, you must press continually the main shutter switches so that the digital camera have to also be consistently seeking target. AI servo velocity and also precision is a great one while searching for shifting subjects then when applying USM lens you will feel much better for this reason EOS 1100D excellent for newcomers.

This type of DSLR camera won't give you the type of area metering option, because metering mode option is accessible merely three modes: evaluative, center weighted and Partial. But don't be concerned with this trouble, EOS 1100D employs 12 Mega pixel CMOS sensor / probe together with the DIGIC IV processor make your Canon EOS 1100D is carries high ISO and outstanding ability, actually at ISO 6400, all the noises still fairly subdued therefore the coloration processing is just not far too overlooks. ISO 6400 is the optimal to Canon EOS 1100D with no ISO setting up advancement inside the Customized Function.

Performance during live-view is usually good, the main screen shows review with precise colors without oversized whenever the digital SLR is often relocated combined with EOS 1100D can easily demonstrate histogram in the higher right corner. You can find 3 choices throughout Auto-focus Mode using live view along with film documenting: contrast detection (Live AF), face detection and phase detection AF with 9 points (the most rapidly locking mechanism target then again L.c.d. is definitely black in some secs). These DSLR cams have got 2-3 seconds that can lock the main objective when shutter is pressed half. It needs more time every time illumination situations are a smaller amount or perhaps taking photos of an item during minimum contrast. This kind of mode can only supply anytime shooting objects that are not moving, adequate lumination along with good enough contrast.

When considering of the cheap DSLR camera, Canon EOS 1100D is actually qualified in video image resolution with High def film 1280 x 720 p, 30 fps or maybe 25 frames per second. Simply by pressing the live-view when in a situation Full movie setting switch on, the digital camera will start capturing. Present on the screen will change towards the 16:9 format video recording setting according to HD video format. Photo Style Auto Lighting Optimizer and may also used at the time of documenting video, though sorry to say you don't have manual exposure settings when you are filming video, and even ISO could not be replaced (just no more recompense and exposure lock only). Furthermore there is no Continues focus when you are documenting video, this DSLR camera basically lookup aim on the beginning recording. If you want to modify focus, you only can perform this manually just by switching the particular ring around the camera lens, or maybe by simply pushing the shutter key (this selection was once placed in the menus). Additionally, the Canon EOS 1100D body available in 2 colors, black and red.

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