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Staying Alive and Staying Away From Sexually Transmitted Diseases

One True Love The message seems to be everywhere-some say "Wait until marriage," other messages preach abstinence until a monogamous relationship.
Whatever the case, it is a known fact the promiscuity contributes to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.
Moving quickly from partner to partner causes STDs to spread faster, and increases your chance of being exposed to one.
Being in a monogamous relationship is one of the key guidelines to avoiding STDs.
Partners who have been in a relationship for six months or longer know more about one another's pasts, and have more of a basis for trust.
Marriage is the best foundation for a sexual relationship; however, at the very least it is important to be in a committed relationship before engaging in sexual activity.
Always Protected Another way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases is to use barrier protection during all sexual contact.
Condoms are the best example of this because their purpose is to prevent the transmission of body fluids from one person to another.
Dams are another common form of barrier protection.
Condoms and dams should be made of either latex or non latex plastic; other materials are leaky and not as effective.
Although the effectiveness of condoms and other such protection is not guaranteed, they will most certainly reduce the risk of coming into contact with an STD.
Raising Awareness Most of all, it is important to be aware of sexually transmitted diseases and the ways in which they can be obtained.
Although sexual contact is perhaps the most common way to acquire a sexually transmitted disease, drug use is another possibility.
To help prevent the likelihood of obtaining an STD, it is important to not put yourself in a dangerous situation that might lead to drugs or unwanted sexual contact.
It is also important to be aware of the symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases.
The earlier that STDs are caught, the more likely it is that they will be able to be treated.
Therefore, it is important to know your body well enough to sense when something might be wrong.
Not Worth The Risk Experimentation with drugs and sex is common, especially in the teenage years.
However, this high risk behavior is not worth the chance of getting a sexually transmitted disease.
It is possible, and often necessary, to have fun without the risk.

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