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Yoga Health Benefits - What it Can Do For You

It is most likely that you have heard a lot about yoga health benefits.
Practicing yoga requires much patience, flexibility, and inner quiet.
The advantage to the time of practicing yoga is that at some point you will be able to notice the effects of exercising and practicing each pose.
If you lie in a forward bend over your right leg with your left foot up in a half lotus position between your thigh and your hip, after 5 or 10 minutes you will notice that your leg will start to go to sleep because the arterial blood flow that would normally pump down the femoral artery into the foot is dammed up.
The blood damming can activate and put additional pressure on the low organs and glands, especially down in the lower abdominal area.
You will soon grow to understand more about the yoga poses, what they were doing in your body and how they felt when you were really in them.
But at some point, your body will get strong enough and will not need that much pressure and strengthening anymore.
When it moves into such poses, our body keeps a memory of them and can go right back to this memory as we tend to move in and out of this pose.
If we manage to learn and structure these poses the proper way, our well-trained and fit body will allow each pose to evolve into the next pose or fold out of it when needed.
Still, a yoga practice based more on movement might require some time of traditional yoga practice first.
With the right training and guidance, the body is able to find the right position even without a need to hold it for a long time.
Indeed, holding for long periods may be the more difficult method because the body is so dynamic.
The body wants to move, and the breath is the impetus.
Yoga consists of a series of poses and counterposes that move naturally with the inhaling, expanding, arching, then exhaling and finally contracting flow of the body in which each pose can set up the next poses and a kind of smooth and life-bestowing and strengthening dance; all this creates a new kind of dynamic, cardiovascular (of the heart and lungs), movement- and breath-based practice that helps the body function better.
You are able to stand better, breath better, and feel overall healthier.

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