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How to Plan an Amazing Date

    • 1). Learn all you can about him. If mutual friends set you up, grill them for information. Find out what his favorite things are, and plan your date accordingly. If he likes the local baseball team, take him to a game, and give him a date he'll remember forever. If he's a history buff, take him to a nearby historic landmark. He'll love that you can tune in to his wants so well.

    • 2). Go romantic. Every girl loves a romantic night out. Start with beautiful flowers, move to a mesmerizing picnic by the lake or in a local park, and finish with a romantic drive-in movie. She won't be able to resist your charm as you read her mind and make your date a romantic fantasy.

    • 3). Use your creativity. Your imagination is your best asset when picking a good date. Chances are he's done dinner-and-movie type dates before. Take a sculpting or woodworking class. The change in pace will help you stand out of the pack and make him want to call you again.

    • 4). Return to nature. Go for a nature hike, or find a good spot to lie and gaze at the stars. If she's into it, head to the lake, and spend the night fishing. Or better yet, rent a boat for a night of dinner and dancing under the stars. She won't be able to forget her night in nature.

    • 5). Make your date unique if you want it to be one he'll never forget. If both of you are divers, you might explore the sea by scuba diving or rent a jet ski. Discover a new neighborhood, or go to the zoo. He'll love that you aren't traditional.

    • 6). Let her pick. If you aren't able to decipher what type of date she would like, ask her what she'd like to do. She may even give subtle clues as to what her dream date would be. If she talks about a movie she really wants to see, check it out. If she spends a lot of time playing video games, spend the night at home eating pizza and playing her favorite game.

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