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How to Make an Owl House

    • 1). Research the type of owl you want to attract. Different species of owls have different housing requirements so you must build accordingly. Realize that all owl houses must be mounted out at least 12 feet above the ground. Most houses are made from a mixture of PVC, aluminum and wood, so purchase your supplies accordingly.

    • 2). Cut your wood and PVC to the appropriate size. Owls prefer circular nesting areas, so using a large piece of PVC as the house will be most effective. Plug one end of the PVC pipe by cutting a piece of wood accordingly and then adhering with glue. Allow to completely dry.

    • 3). Cut and install the length of carpet inside the PVC. This can be held in place using your wood screws. The carpet will allow for a place for the owl to sit inside of the house and be able to get a good purchase on the surface to move about inside.

    • 4). Bend the aluminum so it forms a shape similar to a peaked roof house. Install this at the top of your PVC pipe. This will serve as extra protection for the house. The aluminum roof can be securely attached to the PVC pipe using screws.

    • 5). Drill at least one large ventilation hole to on one side of the PVC home, towards the back of the house. Make this hole about halfway up the height of the pipe so it is centered in the middle of the pipe.

      Continue to customize and shape the house according to the owls you are trying to attract. Ensure that all screws are securely tightened and the glue is set before installing the owl house. Install the house at least 100 feet away from any human dwelling.

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