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Tips to Have a Wonderful Outdoor Wedding in a Park

Marriages are special occasion where two souls unite to be one. Several innovative ideas have been used in planning most of the wedding events today. Whatever is the theme or venue, a white wedding dress is a very essential element that has to be chosen with great consideration. Today, there are individuals who go for outdoor weddings. The venue is also an important decision to be made as it has the ability to control the level of fun and entertainment throughout the ceremony. To have a memorable wedding day is everyone's dream. If you choose to marry in a park, understand that you are getting married under stars or sun depending on the time of wedding.
By choosing park as the venue, you are enhancing the real essence of romance and fun. Sometimes, this can even spoil the day if few important matters are not taken care of. In order to deal perfectly the entire event in a park, you have to follow or keep in mind the given tips. The wedding dress you wear must be designed such that it can suit the location, season or climatic conditions too. Make certain that the guests can also dress accordingly. The summer weddings in a park can be beautiful as well as brutal. You may arrange enough decorated hand fans for the day. The use of attractive parasols will offer a nice touch particularly for ladies.
If the wedding in fall or spring season, it will be nice if you chose the outdoor venue which is backed up with indoor place on site. You may also place outdoor heaters to warm up in cool weather significantly. It is best to always target in providing total comfort to all the people who are attending the wedding event. The backup option has to be taken in situation of park wedding in rainy weather conditions too. To have all guests as dry as possible, it is best to have lot of umbrellas handy so that it can be used if required. Reports have shown that heavy downpour has even collapsed the big event tents due to heavy weight. Soggy grass as well as mud underfoot can also damage the wedding gown and the comfort zone of all the people.
Beaches are mostly windy. If the park you chose for outdoor wedding is near the beach, sometimes tents can blow over. The airborne items or even the sand can fall into uncovered food or eyes of guests. An indoor backup location for this situation will be the best idea. Buy wedding dress to suit the weather conditions always. Have few bug repellents to keep away the annoying mosquitoes as well as gnats. You may use citronella candles for this. Preservation of food is very important. You must utilize the platter or dish covers. Never allow food containing mayonnaise to be for long period. Keep in mind that wedding cake may melt easily in hot weather conditions. Bathroom facilities and legal permissions mustn't be forgotten.

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