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How to Use Polyester Resin Over Drywall Compound

    • 1). Use sandpaper to smooth drywall compound surface. Eliminate all rough spots and harsh edges.

    • 2). Cut the fiberglass mat. Use the razor knife to cut a piece large enough to cover the entire drywall compound area.

    • 3). Mix the polyester resin with the catalyst in a bucket. Refer to the catalyst for exact mixing amounts.

    • 4). Apply the resin to the drywall compound. Use a felt roller to cover area completely.

    • 5). Place the fiberglass mat onto the resin. Heavily saturate the mat with more resin. Flatten the area with a felt roller and use an air roller to eliminate any air bubbles.

    • 6). Repeat same steps for each additional layer of fiberglass mat. Allow it to dry.

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