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World Class Tourist Attractions in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is the commercial hub of South Africa and is also centrally located in the Gauteng province. These characteristics have increased the significance of the city many folds among flights Johannesburg tourists. Airways, railways and roadways from different parts of the country converge here making it easily reachable. The tourists after getting off flights Johannesburg can easily travel to tourist destinations using these transportation facilities. The flights to Johannesburg services are thus abundantly supported by other means of transport.

The O.R. Tambo International Airport is the hub of air traffic in Johannesburg. Numerous International as well as domestic cheap flights to johannesburg operate from here. Thus it acts as a stop off destination where travelers can take their connecting flights to other destinations. The Lanseria Airport privately owned by Airports Company South Africa also manages a significant portion of Johannesburg's air traffic. Regional, corporate and diplomatic cheapest flights to Johannesburg services by budget airlines such as Mango and 1Time are operated from here. Being conveniently located near Sandton, Pretoria, Westrand and Midrand regions increases its significance.

Johannesburg is also connected by many significant roadways increasing its significance in the world map. The Johannesburg cheap flights tourists can travel through N1, N3, N4, N12 and N14 highways to various destinations. N1 links Cape Town and Harare in Zimbabwe to Johannesburg. N3 connects Durban whereas Nelspruit, Kruger National Park and Botswana can be traveled through N4. The travelers booking cheap flight tickets to Johannesburg can reach Potchefstroom from Johannesburg through N12. Additionally Upington or Namibia is connected through N14.

The well maintained train services connecting Johannesburg has also boosted up the tourism industry a lot. The Spoornet freight train company provides Shosholoza Meyl passenger service. Tourists booking flight tickets to Johannesburg travel in these inter city trains connecting places such as Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Kimberley, Port Elizabeth etc. The MetroRail connects the outlying towns and suburbs with Johannesburg. On the other hand the fast moving Gautrain links Pretoria and OR Tambo airport and is therefore frequently used by tourists booking tickets to Johannesburg.

The bus services have further added credibility to communication facilities in Johannesburg. The Park Station is the center of bus services as many buses ply from here. Greyhound, Translux, Magic Bus, S.A Roadlink, The Baz Bus etc are the prominent bus services providing transportation facilities to other parts of South Africa as well as countries like Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Therefore it is seen that the time saving direct flights to Johannesburg are sufficiently supported by other transportation facilities. Among all other flights the flights to Johannesburg from UK are also used by many British citizens as they provide convenient traveling options to the wonderful city of Johannesburg.

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