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How to Make Spiders Out of Paper

    • 1). Outline the two main structures of the spider -- the carapace and abdomen -- on your construction paper. Both structures are ovoid, although the abdomen is longer and more pointed.

    • 2). Cut out the carapace and abdomen with your scissors.

    • 3). Cut two little tabs on the front of the carapace to place the wiggly eyes. Glue a wiggly eye to each tab.

    • 4). Cut zigzags between the two tabs to indicate the fangs of the spider.

    • 5). Outline eight legs on another sheet of construction paper. Each leg should be roughly the length of the carapace and abdomen together. Draw each leg so it is slightly different than the next to make it look more realistic. Cut out each leg.

    • 6). Glue four legs to one side of the carapace, and glue another four legs to the other side of the carapace, creating four pairs of legs.

    • 7). Color in distinguishing markings of the spider if you want your paper spider to resemble a real-life spider.

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