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Cheap Vacations to Honolulu


    • Finding the right hotel in Honolulu can make or break a travel budget.waikiki - ocean view room image by Michelle D. Parker from

      Travelers making their first excursion to the island are drawn to the sandy white beaches and sunshine glistening off the waves, but staying near Honolulu's main attraction can be costly. Most vacationers in Hawaii do not spend a lot of time in their room, so budget-minded travelers search for hotels a block or two off the beach where they can typically save some money. And saving can be seen in more than just the big chain hotels--even finding a nice boutique hotel or a condo to rent a few blocks from the ocean will often cost less. Online resources like Trip Advisor and Expedia can help travelers find the most budget-friendly hotel rates, while some adventurous travelers have saved a few more dollars by staying in one of the several hostels in Honolulu.


    • Money saving flights to Honolulu are available for creative travelers.airplane image by Christine F Saulnier from

      Getting to Hawaii can take up the largest part of the travel budget but it is possible to find cheap tickets. Websites like Priceline and CheapFlights are great resources for booking flights, especially if travelers are willing to be creative with their schedule. Look at going during off-peak seasons such as the fall and early spring, and make sure to book the trip in advance to avoid late-booking fees. Travelers can also save on flights by starting vacations mid-week and by booking flights through multiple cities.


    • Nature's beauty is free and abundant in Hawaii.Hanauma Bay image by AEAgallery from

      Vacationing in Honolulu can be more than just relaxing on the beach. When getting ready to go sightseeing, budget-minded travelers should try to take in the natural beauty around them. Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay, walking up Diamond Head to see the sunrise from the top of an extinct volcano and looking for sea turtles on the North Shore are inexpensive sightseeing trips travelers enjoy while in Honolulu.


    • Eating local can save money and provide a unique experience.Taiwan - Food market / Asian Food image by St??phan SZEREMETA from

      Eating local foods and at locally owned restaurants can typically save money and shows travelers a unique side of the island. There are plenty of options to choose from when searching for local food, but for those travelers less willing to try authentic Hawaiian dishes, there are plenty of local burger joints, pizza parlors, Mexican restaurants and more. Staying away from the large restaurant chains and glitzy eateries along the beach can mean more left in the pocket book at the end of the day. Local shrimp trucks that dot the side of the road near the North Shore are also popular and provide cheap fare.

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