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Effective Pay Per Click Management hinges on several variables that are sometimes out of our control. Since there are so many ingredients involved in formulating that winning combination of keywords, ad copy, landing pages and budgets, the mix often becomes blurry. Our jobs as Pay Per Click Management experts is to sift through muck with extensive A/B Testing to find that recipe for success. But when it comes to budgets and poor website conversion rates - things often get tough.

Scenario 1. After a PPC Campaign is optimized and delivering excellent results, the client - 9 times out of 10 - will want to spend more ... which is great! However, sometimes the client is in a niche industry and is only selling 1 product or service. In this case, spending more isn't an option for growth because in order to spend more (in efforts to make more), the optimization setting on the campaign will have to be undone.

Scenario 2. Some clients have many items for sale on their website - and vast resources of cash to throw at it. However, due to competition, pricing, availability of the item or poor website conversion rates - achieving a favorable ROAS (or ROI) often involve not being able to spend the entire monthly budget. When optimization settings are undone or even altered they risk tanking their ROI (ROAS) stats.

Scenario 3. In the beginning stages of PPC Marketing many companies have limited budgets at first, but have thousands of keywords / products. This is a scenaro where the client's budgets do not support their keyword bank (number of keywords in their account). This forces Google to sporadically show their ads throughout the day to provide ample coverage of their ads based on their daily ad spend limits.

So what is the solution to all of these scenarios? That's a great question in that no two PPC Campaigns are alike. To implement a broad / blanket solution to any of these scenarios could lead to a negative resolution. Each case needs to be analyzed from both a Pay Per Click Management perspective as well as from a business perspective. When those two elements are considered during the problem solving process the outcome is usually favorable and profitable. As Pay Per Click Management Experts, we owe it to our clients to be truthful and present them with the facts. But in the long run, if your motives are pure (not making excuses) your clients will respect you and continue the business relationship.

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