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How to Detect a Genuine Windows Copy on a PC

    • 1). Click "Start" > "All Programs" > "Internet Explorer." Go to the Windows Validation website (see Resources).

    • 2). Click "Validate Windows." Click the Information Bar that appears at the top of the window and click "Run Add-On."

    • 3). Click "Run" in the pop-up window. Allow the validation process to run. Windows will either be confirmed as genuine or not on the next page that appears.

    • 4). Close the web browser if Windows is validated as genuine. If it is not, go to the next step.

    • 5). Attempt validation again. If it is still unsuccessful, contact the company or person you purchased your computer of Windows from. Find out what their options are to resolve the issue.

    • 6). Purchase a "Get Genuine Online Kit" from the Validation website to get a new activation key from Microsoft. This will allow you to activate Windows legally.

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