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Vibrational Natural Medicine, Natural Energies

If you want to balance your energies there are many source of natural energies or vibrational frequencies here on our wonderful planet earth one can use. I will list the five natural elements to help us balance our energy; besides the seven chakras meditation.

Crystals and Gemstones
Mother earth has this great resource everywhere. Most of us appreciate a beautiful piece of jewelry without paying too much attention to the reason we are so attracted towards  each gemstones. The reason for our attraction for gemstones and crystals is because of all the beautiful healing energies that resides within each gemstones.

Light and Colors

Colors, we all know how certain colors can change our moods. Some colors can make us feel serene while others can increase our energy an make us feel more tense. The sun can be a wonderful healer with its rays. Imagine how gloomy life would be without the sun and its beautiful light. Our rainbow of colors has wonderful energy properties in each of its colors.    

Plants and Herbs

I remember as a child how my mother and her mother always  talk about the  nutritional and/or medicinal properties plants and herbs has. All plants, trees, flowers, and even our  foods we eat have a vibrational energyand nutritional values within them.

Air, Water, Earth, Fire

Many natural healers uses these four elements to help individual  understand the benefits of each of these elements and on how to use them for vibrational energies to address any physical or mental issues they may have. Our world is 75% water and that element alone can bring us great comfort, specially when we are listening to the sound of a waterfall.

Sound and Music

The vibration of sound and musical tones are vibrations that can help heal our body. Just like the earth is mostly water, so is our bodies. Yes we are 75 % liquid and the rest of us is the shell that holds all that liquid. Just like any other liquid that stay still without being recirculate, the water becomes stagnant and starts to create problems. They are certain sound we may not want to hear because they are not very pleasant to the ear. However, many sounds can create vibrational energies and help to heal us. The grateful meditation of OM has a great vibrational tones to it that can help us to feel wonderful.

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