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Lance Rants on Human Religions

Human Religion indeed; Ha Ha Ha; Religion is a real Human Problem, from the VooDoo witch doctors in Haiti, to the African religions, which say if a woman does not have five living kids that the gods are saying she is unworthy when the mortality rate is 5:1 meaning she has to have 25 kids for five to survive? Then it becomes the Worlds Problem to feed them? And then the notion that the only way to get rid of AIDS is to have sex with a virgin, so they run around looking for 4 year olds who are still virgins.
But all the World Religions although many are somewhat better, are not much really.
Religion is something that the first world no longer needs, as civilizations of human kind have out paced the usefulness of these make believe stories.
I predict 30 years until the end of religion, if religion does not destroy them selves through in-fighting.
Personally religon does not affect me, and provides some sound and fury to participate in for merely opinion sake? Exciting the brains chemicals arguing over irrelevance in the life experience.
But from outside the religious cave flickerings, it is obvious that religion is one of the major problems keeping humans from a one-world common cause to unite the species in celebrating what it is to be alive as humans in this excellent gift of life.
So why kill each other? Seems rather ridiculous.
Religious Wars and Culture Clashes go on to this day, but again, if one group tries to kill another then the revenge, fear and fight and flight kicks in and thus reciprocal responses until the fictitious hell freezes over? Well, isn't that just a wonderful life's mission indeed? Do we really need religion at all? Consider this in 2006.

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