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How to Make a Cartoon Filmstrip

    • 1). Write a script for the comic. Depending on experience, you can keep it simple and short. If you want to be more creative, you can write out a longer one. Keep in mind most comics are fairly brief. The script doesn’t need to be written out word for word either. A storyboard or an outline is a great way to stay organized and save time.

    • 2). Create a background frame. First, decide what you want each frame to have as a backdrop. The frame can be a piece of plain paper, or poster board cut into squares. Draw the background lightly with a pencil onto paper, such as construction paper for added color. Glue the pieces onto each frame, then draw outlines with a black felt pen for definition. Try experimenting with a variety of materials to add texture.

    • 3). Draw the characters onto paper and cut them out. If you are not artistic with sketching people, other ideas are tracing from another picture or cutting out people from magazines. Glue the characters onto the background, remembering to make them larger if they move forward in a frame. For the words, make speech bubbles with pieces of paper. Don’t glue the speech bubbles or other props down so they can be easily maneuvered.

    • 4). Take a picture of each completed frame using a digital camera, preferably on a tripod. If possible, center each frame in the lens for the exact same place every time.

    • 5). Import your pictures into image editing software, make any enhancements necessary, and save as a jpeg. Assemble the individual frames into a filmstrip using software such as Photoshop or InDesign. You can also print your images on a long strip of paper or print and bind them as a flip book if you don’t want to use the computer.

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