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Affordable Types Of Dinnerware Sets

Dinnerware sets are important in every household. There are several types of dinnerware sets available in the market.

You need to be smart when choosing dinnerware sets. They accentuate your kitchen and reflect your personality. There are many cheap sets made of plastic or low quality glass. But be careful because these kinds may not be very durable.

The more durable dinnerware sets are made from porcelain, stone, crystal materials and ivory having gold trims. These types of dinnerware sets are perfect for occasions like birthdays, weddings, graduations, thanksgiving or baptism.

Other dinnerware sets are made of glass. They are generally inexpensive but look classy and luxurious. Dinnerware sets range from about $29 to $100.

Stoneware is a nonporous ablaze clay material having an extra ground stone stronger than earthenware and perfect to use in the microwave or oven.

Earthenware is identified as a type of clay material which is baked at high temperatures frequently, especially crafted with ornamental glazes like delft, faience or majolica. It is also known as a type of ceramic.

Porcelain is a material made of kaolin clay and fine quartz. It is used burly in chip-restaurants and is easily molded into delicate forms.

Different types of dinnerware set
-16 Piece Umbria Dinnerware Set This is crafted of microwave and dishwasher safe ironstones. It is ideal for gifts, especially for birthdays, weddings, thanksgiving and graduations. It is usually priced at $69.95.

-16 Piece Flowers White Embossed Dinner Set This comes with about four pieces of dinner plates, bowls, mugs and side plates. It is safe to use in a microwave or oven and dishwasher. It has embossed flower designs. This type of dinner set is deal in homes or picnics. The average price of this dinnerware set is about $99.99.

-Mikasa Parchment 42 Piece Dinnerware Set This features a soft gray border embellished with intricate scroll designs. It looks cool, clean and elegant. It is a luxurious buy at $400.

-16 Piece Fandango Dinnerware Set This type of dinnerware set has luminous colors and is actually hand-painted. It comes with a 10 dinner plate, a 22 ounce bowl, 8 dessert plate and a 14 ounce mug. This is safe to use in a microwave or oven. It is also safe to wash. Average price is $39.95.

-Oneida Peri 16 piece Dinnerware Set This dishwasher and microwave safe stoneware set includes 4 salad plates, 4 dinner plates, 4 soup bowls, and 4 mugs. It is perfect for home use. Average price is $39.

-Silhouette Black Bear Dinnerware Set This dinnerware set gives your meal a sort of adventure, having magnificent mountain and bear motif sitting. It is made of heavy-duty ceramic clay. It comes with 4 11-inch dinner plates, 4 8-inch salad plates, 4 22-ounce soup bowls, and four 15-ounce bistro style mugs.

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