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Growth trends in the global Car Rental market

By: TFS Rental Car USA.

The first phase you are born in such a competitive market is positioned in the minds of consumers, highlighting the important attributes such as product quality, quality customer service, immediate response to the needs of self and technological upgrading. Being careful not to overwhelm the client with information only to attract them, you have to analyze the perception, impression and feelings of the consumer as to the market and its trend

To obtain a stable and steady growth should be some factors that are critical to increase marketing strategies into consideration:

1-Segmenting the Market: Businesses should analyze the different socio economic sectors, culture, tastes, preferences, expectations and needs of each consumer.

2-Evaluate Factors that make up the market segment:

To find out which strategies to reach each of these sectors, it should be a market analysis, in terms of prices, tastes and preferences etc and this function design tools to help attract a greater number of satisfied customers and identified with the service or product offered.

  3-Competition from market:

To increase market share, combine the estartegias of each design new competitors and differentiate the enterprise market; thus expectations and customer needs are met.

4-The Diversity of Services:

Companies must be at the forefront with technology and facilitate access roads for the acquisition of services

There is an important point to discuss strategies that measure the yield customers and sales and to create strategies recognize the people who use our services and refer us to other customers, it is a way of growing and keeping motivated to customers. In this way we obtain a better result in terms of profitability and time, and saved the hassle of searching for customers in traditional way. Since the only "valid card presentation of any business is quality customer Service" ;.

The reason why corporations are always updating process is to have an accelerated growth and minimize possible costs whether direct or indirect, Some of the strongest costs are the costs of low productivity, low quality and Withdrawal in customer service.


If companies efficiently manage lhasa optimal pricing strategies and consents way will have a positive outcome.


In conclusion, for business success, management must select and apply tools adapted to your environment:

Service and
These elements stabilize the survival of firms over time, resulting in increased profitability and increased sales.

  "We have in our hands the opportunity to differentiate ourselves from our competitors."

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