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How to Keep Your Feet Warm When Hunting

    • 1). Wear socks made of wool or wool blend as this material wicks away perspiration and holds its insulating ability even when wet.

    • 2). Carry extra wool socks and change into them should the socks being worn get wet.

    • 3). Wear boots that repel water. Rubber bottomed boots prevent water from soaking through the boot and keep the feet dry while the insulated removable liners inside the boots keep the feet warm.

    • 4). Walk to keep the circulation flowing in the feet. Sitting allows the feet to chill even in insulated boots.

    • 5). Attach snow gators, waterproof coverings that slip over the boot, tie at the ankle and again above the calf, to prevent snow from soaking the boot uppers, pants, and running down into the boots. Some boots already have gators attached as part of the boots.

    • 6). To prevent frostbite, build a fire, remove the boots, and warm the feet by the fire when temperatures are low and feet are feeling numb.

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