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How to Find Energy-Efficient Windows

    • 1). Check out the Energy Star website. It has an area where you can search for manufacturers that sell Energy Star windows in your area (see Resources). These include home supply stores or businesses that specialize in window installation. Most of these places have a large selection and will install the windows for you.

    • 2). Measure the length and width of your existing windows and take the measurements with you when shopping.

    • 3). Look for the Energy Star label on the window. It explains the materials used, the energy rating and how much money you can expect to save by using the product. Most single-family homes can expect to save between $126--$465 per year when replacing single-pane windows. Homes that replace double-pane windows can save around $27--$111 by using windows with the Energy Star label.

    • 4). Compare the prices, labor charges for installation and warranties from at least two or three different stores. The prices may vary greatly. Choose the windows that have the highest energy-efficient rating at the price you can afford.

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