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How to Grow Grapevines From Cuttings With Hormones

    • 1). Choose a sunny location to start the grapevine cuttings early in the spring or late in the fall. Till or dig the ground with a garden fork to a depth of 24 to 26 inches. Amend the soil with 4 to 6 inches of compost. This lightens up the soil and helps with drainage.

    • 2). Cut a length of the grapevine with four to five nodes. Use a sharp knife and make the cut at an angle. The length of the cutting is determined by the nodes, so each cutting will vary in length. Take care not to injure the top nodes or bud, because this protects the new wood. Nodes are the area where leaves emerge.

    • 3). Dig a hole. Each hole depth will be different, but you'll want it deep enough so that the three lower buds are below the soil line. Leave the top bud out of the soil.

    • 4). Fill the hole with 2 inches of sand. The sand helps with drainage so your cuttings won't rot.

    • 5). Wet the cut end of the grapevine with water and shake off the excess. Put the wet end into the rooting hormone. The hormone will stick onto the wet wood. Shake off any excess hormone.

    • 6). Insert the end with rooting hormone into the hole first. Push it through the sand and leave the top node above the ground. Fill the hole with the amended soil and firm the soil around the grapevine stem. Space each hole 4 inches apart.

    • 7). Water the grapevine cuttings to a depth of 8 inches. Keep the area moist, but not soggy or the cuttings will rot. If you plan on moving the grapevines to another location, wait at least one year. This gives the grapevine cuttings a year to form roots.

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